Bugoni's Sausages

Bugoni's Sausages

Montana's Best Gourmet Sausages!

Hand crafted by artisan sausage maker Peter Bugoni using exclusively Montana raised pork and bison, Peter has created all natural, delicious Italian Style gourmet sausages that burst in your mouth with flavor and are without equal.

Most sausage makers grind, season and mix the meat, stuff it into casings and make links the same day, often within hours. Also, most sausages are seasoned with finely ground seasonings of almost a powdery consistency, slurred with water and mixed with the meat.

Our sausages consist of crushed dried herbs, fresh garlic and locally sourced vegetables. We grind the meat and mix in the seasonings and leave the seasoned meat to maturate for two days before filling the casings to create a splendid marriage of meat and spices.

Then we stuff them into natural pork casing, a size smaller than most stuffed sausages. We do this because our meat is "chunky", not ground to a pasty consistency. And being very low in fat it takes longer to cook our sausage so a little smaller sausage makes for a happier gourmet experience. And we use only natural lamb casings for our breakfast sausages and you can taste the difference!


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