Montana Mex

Montana Mex

Montana Mex offers Authentic Mexican Flavors from Above the Snowline! We are a young company driven by a vision to take Mexican food back to its roots and create a product line that is delicious, and healthy too. We are active people who care about what we put in our bodies and we reflect this in our products. So, all of our products are good for us, and good for you!

Our cute little seasoning salts are perfect for livening up your dishes! The trio can be used by themselves or, if you fancy some serious food creativity, try mixing them up!

CHILE - our Chile salt is a delicious all purpose seasoning made from perfectly proportioned chilies and sea salt.

SWEET - a delicately balanced salty sweet super seasoning that can be used on everything from popcorn to chicken.

PICANTE - add a serious heat and flavor pop to all your culinary creations with this spicy yet flavorful sea salt blend!


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